Top 5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Top 5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been around for years and is a great tool for more than just relaxing.  Many people are unaware of just how many key benefits massage therapy really provides us in our everyday lives.  Below are the top five benefits offered from massage therapy. Taking care of our bodies is extremely important to our daily lives, and massage therapy can help you make that a focus.   massage2

  • Massage therapy helps with relieving stress in your mind and body.  When our minds are feeling stress, our muscles tense up, which causes aches and pains throughout our body. The tightened muscles also cause tension on surrounding tendons, which can cause even more pain.  When you receive a massage from a trained professional, you want to be sure to tell them all about this stress so they can target specific areas. Massage therapy also raises the body’s production and release of endorphins, stress- and pain-preventing hormones that enhance mood and boost immunity.
  • Get your blood flowing, and stimulate the lymphatic systems with regular massage therapy.  Increased blood circulation helps to pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and organs, which can remove waste away from muscles and internal organs, lower blood pressure, and improve overall body function.  vessel
  • A massage from a trained professional can play an important role in clearing toxins from your body.  A massage can flush out lactic acid build-up in muscles, promote sinus drainage, loosen mucus in the lungs, and break up scar tissue.  You are also clearing out the normal byproducts of muscle metabolism, which can result in reduced fatigue, improved stamina, and accelerated healing of muscle tears or injuries.
  • A regular massage can help with stability and reduce fall risk.  This is especially vital for our seniors, where falls can be even more dangerous.  Bones tend to be a bit more fragile as we get older and can break very easily with one small fall.  Massages help to strengthen your muscles which help hold your joints and bones and make for a stable structure.  The increase in blood flow to the limbs from a massage helps to improve proprioception, or the sense of relative body parts, thus improving our balance and reducing our chances of falling.recover
  • Massage therapy may also help stroke patients, as they now are not recommending to have 48 hour bed rest, but instead, they suggest to get up and get moving to prevent the muscle from tightening or causing another stroke (varies by situation; please consult your doctor for a set treatment plan for your specific circumstance).  Massages stimulate affected areas, focusing on anything that may be paralyzed. They can help ease recovery time and pain for the patient.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of the benefits of massage therapy for yourself.  We want to ensure ourselves daily that we have the best quality of life and can live pain-free and stress-free.  If you would like more information or to schedule your own massage today, please call Strongsville Massage at (216) 339-1089.


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