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4 Things You’re Self-Conscious About That Your Massage Therapist Doesn’t Notice

Let’s face it, the thought of getting a full-body massage sounds absolutely incredible, but to many people it can also be a little nerve-wracking as well, especially if the person is self-conscious or embarrassed about their body. But don’t you worry! Everyone who gets a massage feels that way at first, and that’s okay! The good news is: you are not alone in how you feel, and we promise you that your massage therapist has seen it all. So, let’s knock out some of those worries, shall we?

massage therapy

Unshaved legs

Having stubbly or hairy legs is often one of the most common things for a woman to feel self-conscious about during a massage, and that is perfectly normal! However, don’t worry so much about it! Your massage therapist massages people with hairy body parts all day, every day. After all, they DO give men massages, and it’s not like they shave their legs! So, before you cut yourself while trying to rush to get your legs shaved, just stop and relax. We promise you that your therapist really doesn’t mind.


Weight is another one of the most common things for people to be self-conscious about, and it doesn’t help that in today’s society, that self-consciousness is most likely brought on by the judgement of other people. But you know what? Your massage therapist knows what that self-conscious feeling is like, and the last thing they will do is pass judgement too. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and to help you enjoy your massage to the fullest. They don’t want you to feel like they are judging your size! In fact, they are happy to see that you are taking advantage of a massage because massages are actually a great tool to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight!

The undressing part

Once you walk into the massage room, the therapist will ask you to undress to your comfort level and then lay on the bed and drape the blanket over your body. To some people, this is unnerving because they don’t know what their comfort level even is, especially if it’s their first time, and they don’t know what to expect. But don’t fret! They said YOUR comfort level for a reason. Although the massage is easiest without any clothes covering your skin, your massage therapist will not judge you for how much skin you choose to uncover.  Most people go with the underwear only option, but do whatever feels most comfortable to you. And if you do choose the underwear option, we promise the type of underwear you have on doesn’t matter. We don’t look, and we don’t care.

Falling Asleep

Massages are super relaxing and can make a person fall asleep easily, but many people feel self-conscious about that. However, did you know that falling asleep during your massage is actually good for you? When getting a massage, your muscle tension eases, your mind relaxes, and your nervous system switches to “parasympathetic” mode, which is the relaxation and healing stage. So, try to fall asleep! It can have great benefits, and your massage therapist won’t mind a bit. They will be happy they were able to get you to such a deep state of relaxation. And the best part is, nobody will get mad if you snore!

So, there you have it… some of the most common worries when it comes to a massage. Take a deep breath! Massage therapists work with people of all shapes and sizes and from all different backgrounds, so when we say they have seen it all, we really mean it. Drop those worries, and schedule yourself a massage today. We promise it will be worth it, and we promise to melt all your worries away!

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