Top 5 Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

massageThe lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body fight infections and draining toxins from the body that may be harmful. You may have noticed when you had an infection like strep or a sinus infection, your lymph nodes around your neck get swollen. This is a big indicator of infection, and it means that your body is hard at work trying to get rid of it.

Sometimes, the lymphatic system doesn’t drain properly on its own, so the toxins are not pushed through the body and can cause fatigue and other issues. For this reason, the lymphatic massage was developed, which is when a massage is done in a particular rhythm and direction to increase the drainage of the lymphs.

This massage type isn’t as popular as others in the United States, mostly because it is not as well-known as most others. Lymphatic massage has numerous benefits, though, which should add this massage type to the top of your to-do list.

  1. Improved Immune System – Since the lymphatic system is so closely related to the immune system, helping with lymph drainage actually improves the immune system. When the lymphatic system gets backed up and is not draining properly, your immune system weakens, leaving you more open to picking up illnesses and keeping them longer.
  2. Healthier Skin – Since lymphatic massage helps promote the flow of toxins from the lymph nodes, when it is performed on areas like the face, you get clearer and healthier skin from the deal. Because toxins are a lot of the cause of acne and blemishes, getting them moving away from these lymph nodes is important in the process of trying to clear your skin. It works similarly to when people tell you that eating fewer processed foods will help clear up your face. Fewer toxins.
  3. Fatigue – Again with the toxins, but having them just sit there in the lymphatic tired fatiguesystem contribute to fatigue. Lymphatic massage is great for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The waste products that the lymphatic system drains contribute heavily to fatigue and illness, and without proper drainage, the fatigue will not subside easily. Therefore, this type of massage is a great one for those feeling run-down or tired all the time or who want to get some toxins out of their bodies and feel more alert (and less foggy-minded).
  4. Healing After Surgery – Lymphatic massage helps reduce inflammation and swelling, which makes it very helpful for reducing scarring around incision sites and aiding in the regeneration of tissue and cells. The massage should not be performed directly after surgery, however, and individuals should wait at least 6 weeks after a surgery before receiving a lymphatic massage.
  5. Improved Breastfeeding – For women who struggle to breastfeed due to engorgement or plugged ducts, lymphatic massage may help. “Dr. Bruno Chikly, author of “Silent Waves, Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy,” states on that lymph drainage massage can help to reduce the swelling of engorgement and ameliorate plugged ducts” (Livestrong). This might give women the opportunity to breastfeed their babies when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. It might be worth a shot before giving up the breastfeeding process altogether like so many women are forced to do because of these issues.

Lymphatic massage is one that not every massage therapist offers. At Strongsville Massage, we believe it is a great way to naturally get healthier and live better. Since living a natural and healthy lifestyle is our focus, we want to give people as many opportunities as possible to achieve that. To schedule your lymphatic massage, schedule an appointment online or give me a call directly!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

  1. What particular parts of the body are massaged? I have had a sinus infection and curious if its the area where i am sore


    1. Shannon, all areas of the body are massaged. I do offer facial cupping, specifically for draining of the sinuses. In this treatment, I use Bellatazzi facial cups and similarly to lymphatic massage, the excess fluid that builds up in the tissues beneath the skin is drained to the lymph nodes, thus providing relief. This treatment alone is relatively short, taking approximately 15 minutes.


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