9 Types of Massage

christmas-stockingOn the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a massage gift card.  They’re great for men and women of all ages and walks of life (and they make fantastic stocking stuffers).  So that’s great, right?  You either got a really good gift or you’re giving a really good one, but you have no idea what your massage options are.  What types of massages are there?  There are many different types. These are the many offered at Strongsville Massage:

  1. Swedish Massage – It’s usually a full body or back massage and may allow for special attention to a particular muscle group.  This is for the individual who either has aches and pains all over (don’t we all?) or has been stressed and just needs to relax.  These are the basic massage options, and they typically come in 30-minute, 1 hour, and 1.5 hour options.  The longer the massage, usually the better, because there is more time to focus on each muscle group and more time to relax (think:  no kids, boss, noise, or problems the WHOLE time you’re on the table!)
  1.  Aromatherapy Massage – These massages utilize essential oils to help relax the individual.  Some therapists even use the essential oils with the lotion as pain relief.  Oils can be used for relaxation, stress-reducing, energy, balance, opening the respiratory system, etc.  This is a nice addition to any type of massage and really improves the level of relaxation.
  1.  Deep Tissue Massage – Deep Tissue Massage is another one that targets a specific point of pain, but it focuses on the deeper layers of tissue.  This is a slower technique that is typically used for tighter-than-usual muscles, strain, or recovery from injuries.  This one does not focus on relaxation as much as pain relief and fixing certain issues, so sometimes the patient will feel especially sore for a couple days afterward.  Plenty of water and rest of the muscles will help that go away, but we promise, you will notice that your pain diminishes!
  1.  Hot Stone Massage – Hot stones are placed on tight muscles to help relax them.  You know how the heat of a heating pad, shower, bath, hot tub, or anything of the sort helps relax your sore and tired muscles at the end of the day?  Hot stone massages work similarly.  They also work to balance energy centers in the body, which helps keep you calm, relaxed, and can even improve your focus.  This is a great one for people who have very tight muscles but prefer a gentler, lighter massage.  Since the heat is involved, the therapist only has to apply a light pressure to relax your muscles.
  1.  Chair Massage – These are the massage chairs that you have probably seen all around you.  They are often at malls, chiropractic offices, spas, and health conventions.  This massage type focuses only on your back, neck, and shoulders, so you will not get the full-body benefits that other massage types offer, but if you’re someone who is uncomfortable with a table massage or wants to get used to a massage before trying a full-body, this is a great option!
  1.  Therapeutic/Medical Massage – Specialized massage techniques are used to treat one or more specific problem areas and may be referred by a physician.
  1. Prenatal Massage – Do you know a pregnant woman or two?  Then you probably know that they are experiencing a lot of stress, sore muscles, and sometimes even anxiety and depression caused by hormones.  Prenatal massages help treat all of these ailments in a way that the woman’s body is properly positioned to be safe for the baby and most effective.  This is also great for acid reflux, back and foot pain that many pregnant women experience often experience.
  1. Postnatal Massage – A month or more following birth may be quite the challenge emotionally and physically.  New mothers especially may not be fully prepared for the lifestyle changes.  Post-partum depression is real, and it is very important to mother and baby that these symptoms be treated. Massage is very helpful to treat the tension, stress and depression brought on by post-partum depression.
  1. Cupping Massage – This specialized massage utilizes suction to expand blood vessels, bring toxins and stagnant blood to the skin’s surface for quicker elimination thus increasing metabolism. It has immediate and lasting effects, offering many therapeutic applications such as the neck, shoulders, back, cellulite areas, massaehip/sciatica and more.

For more information on getting a Strongsville Massage gift card for your holiday gift or
stocking stuffer needs, check out our website!  Contact us with any questions on the types of massage offered and how they can help your specific pain or issues!

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