Instead of lemon in your water, try LIME!

Hi! This is Day One of my new blog!  I hope to provide my readers with some fun & informative articles and tips, so please check back regularly!

So, what’s this about Limes????

Many people, when dining out, will ask for a slice or wedge of lemon in their water.  Are you aware that drinking lime water has many health benefits as well?

Lime water is an excellent antioxidant, with numerous medicinal uses. It’s packed full of nutrients. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamine C, phosphorous, potassium, panothenic acid, flovonoids, pectin, riboflavin and more. And it’s calorie (when drank without sweetners) and cholesterol FREE

Lime water can help with:

  • scurvy (caused by a vitamin C deficiency.)
  • ulcers, the liver purification (also can help regulate the production and flow of bile.)
  • digestion (lime water works similar to saliva in helping to break down food.) Helps prevent constipation and diarrhea. A glass of lime water first thing in the morning, aids in stimulating bowel movement. Much better for you than coffee!
  • weight loss, as a result of improving digestion and metabolism.
  • blood pressure. The potassium in the lime water can help improve blood circulation, thus helping control high blood pressure.
  • cancer, due to the antioxidants. In addition, flavonoids, contained in lime water are known to prevent the division and continuation of cancerous cells.
  • immune system is helped by its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • arthritis and gout.
  • skin is helped to look young and radiant as vitamin C is a great nutrient for the skin. It can be very beneficial when consumed orally or applied externally.
  • eyes are helped by the vitamin C and flavonoids which help prevent infections and antioxidants slow the aging process, promoting younger looking eyes.
  • respiratory disorders may be helped where lime is used in anti-congestive medicines and vaporizers and inhalers. Scratching the lime peel and inhaling gives immediate relief from congestion and nausea.
  • phlegm (mucous) reduction. Lime water can helpl reduce the symptoms of excess phlegm, including stuffiness, coughing, runny nose, snoring or headache.

When using limes, be sure to wash the lime(s) thoroughly, before cutting,to remove all traces of pesticides and dirt. Don’t eat the seeds, they are poisonous and could be deadly. If you must  add sweetener, choose honey. And last, when choosing limes, the heavier the lime, the more juice it holds.

Thanks for reading.

Good health be with you,

Dawn Bellanca, LMT
Strongsville Massage

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